Gerbil Probe: The Media Empire of Michael Allen Rose

Wassup, party people! Cooter here, comin' at you straight out of Norman's head and into cyberspace! Just wanted to let you guys know that we're going to be unleashed soon. Not that anyone would put leashes on us. Rex would rip their faces off and make them eat their own faces with what was left of their mouths. It's a figure of speech. The unleashing part, not the face-ripping part...

Anyway, we've been told that the final edits are being put on our story (the book is called Party Wolves in My Skull and is part of the eraserhead press New Bizarro Author Series!), and soon in THIS VERY SPACE you'll see awesome stuff like excerpts from the book, cover art, some blurbs from some REALLY FAMOUS PEOPLE and all kinds of freebies and goodies. Sounds like we're going to be represented this November at BizarroCon this year by our biographer Michael A Rose. It's our coming out party! I feel like a debutante! Awesome.

We've also heard that our adventures will be coming to your attention at the same time as new stories from Vince Kramer, Troy Chambers and a buttload of other awesome Bizarro folks! We'll hit you with the news as it comes along!

So watch this space, and kick back a cold fotie for your pack! Howwwwwwwllll!!!

---Cooter, Party Wolf Extraordinaire

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