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Wassup, everyone. It's your old pal Herb "The Herb," your Party Wolf buddy with the hookup. I'm chillin' in Spooter's head, partying it up like a party wolf should. Don't have nothin' going on today, so I thought I'd pop online and check out the forums. You know how it is. Oh yeah, by the way, this is cool:

Party Wolves in My Skull by Michael A Rose has gone to print. It's the true (mostly) story of how we got here, and what happened to poor Norman in between. I've been staring at this amazing cover art by Alex Tanana for like, hours now:

Holy crap... I think it's moving.

Cooter said something about free stuff, excerpts, rewards for buying the

book, stuff like that. I was a little "enhanced" at the time, so I

don't remember exactly, but watch this space dudes. WHOOOO!

Hugs n' drugs,

Herb "The Herb"

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